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Behnam Khabazan


University of Washington


Computer Science

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Redmond, Washington, U.S.A.


I am a Seattle-based Software Engineer with 2+ years of professional experience in building custom applications, web API management, cloud automation, and performing as a technical PM. I am currently working as a consultant at Avanade Inc. and have pledged my career to ensure client success and delivering excellence by using the fundamental consulting skills I developed as an intern and FTE. I am continually expanding my expertise in cloud development with new and challenging prospects through various self-made projects and work opportunities.


Language: Java

Language: Python

Language: C++

Name: CSS343

Description: A collection of small projects from my internship as a data engineer. All sensitive information and specific links have been removed.

Programming Language Practiced: C++

Name: CSS343

Description: Learned basic and complex data structures, algorithms, and the tradeoffs among memory, running time, and implementation time associated with them.

Programming Language Practiced: C++

Name: CSS342

Description: Covered the workings of data structures and algorithms, from mathematical principles to implementation in C++.

Programming Language Practiced: C++

Name: CSS340

Description: Integrated the fundamental discrete mathematical aspects of computing with detailed instruction in end-to-end software design.

Programming Language Practiced: Python

Name: CSS162

Description: Transitioned from basic programming skills to a rigorous process of software development. Familiarized with higher level programming techniques emphasizeing connections between algorithmic thought and implementation.

Programming Language Practiced: Java

Name: CSS161

Description: Introductory class to programming concepts within social, scientific, mathematical, and technological context.

Programming Language Practiced: Java

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